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Sodium chlorite

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What is sodium chlorite actually used for?

The primary purpose of sodium chlorite is to purify water.

Is drinking sodium chlorite considered safe for direct ingestion?

No, not at all! According to the FDA, it is strictly advised not to directly ingest a large quantity of sodium chlorite for any purpose as it can harm your body and cause serious health issues; small doses is considered safe as various companies use sodium chlorite to purify drinking water.

Where can I buy sodium chlorite in England, UK at the cheapest?

When it comes to sodium chlorite in England, there is no better option for you to shop sodium chlorite than at Atlantis WPS, the premier place in England, UK for your every sodium chlorite need. Sure, you can find hundreds of outlet in England, UK that are selling sodium chlorite at cheap, but one needs to be careful when buying sodium chlorite as the market is filled with diluted products that won’t work well for you. At Atlantis WPS, Customer satisfaction has and will continue to be our topmost priority, and if you are not satisfied with the quality of our product (which is highly unlikely), our customer executives will be readily available to help you out.

Does sodium chlorite kill weeds?

Yes! In the past, the corrosive sodium chlorite was used to kill weeds in different areas, including roadsides, ditches, and along fences, but now, due to its hazardous and ill effects on human health and nature, it is not used as a method to get rid of weeds.

What is the benefit of using sodium chlorite solution for water cleaning purposes? 

Sodium chlorite is used for disinfection and purification of water at large water treatment plants as this solution consists of chlorous acid which is a precursor to a series of strong oxidants, it also kills bacteria, fungi, viruses and algae present in the water body. If you are looking to buy sodium chlorite in England, UK, then you can purchase it at the best price from Atlantis WPS.

Where can I buy sodium chlorite 22.4% solution online in England?

If you want to purchase sodium chlorite 22.4% solution in England, then you are just at the right place! Here at Atlantis WPS, we sell sodium chlorite solution available at the best price in the market and that also with free shipping within England and Europe, so you can easily pay for your order after you receive it at your doorstep.

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